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Grandma's Biscotten Torte

Mum makes this dessert for any special occasion in the family and it can be shaped into a large dome like sphere for extra wow factor.

It was passed down from my Grandma because it's a winner and the taste is sensational.

The sponge part of the cake can be done in advance and then ice it with the cream just before serving. Have fun!


1 1/2 packets of sponge cakes fingers

150g slivered almonds toasted

300ml whipping cream

Sauce ingredients

28 g unsalted butter

28 g plain flour

250 ml milk

Sauce Method

Melt butter and add flour and cook out, mix in milk and allow to thicken, allow to cool in the fridge

Walnut Cream

170g butter

170g sugar

1 egg

120g minced walnuts

1 tspn coffee 

1 tspn cocoa


- Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy,

- Add egg and beat to combine, gently beat in minced walnuts and set aside. 


- Meanwhile, make a thick paste with the cocoa, coffee using a small amount of hot water in a cup to combine.

- Add the paste to the walnut cream and mix thoroughly, check the flavouring to make sure you still have a strong cocoa/coffee taste.


- To assemble the torte, line a medium sized mixing bowl with gladwrap to make it easy to turn the cake out later on. 

- Pour sweet sherry into a shallow tray or bowl, around a 1cm deep and quickly dip sponge fingers in on both sides but don't let them get too soggy, then start placing into the lined bowl. Make sure to fill all the holes.


- Pour walnut cream in to the sponge shell then fold the sponge finger edges over and add more fingers on the top (this will act as the base), chill for 3 hours or overnight in the fridge.


- Once cold, turn out and begin dressing the cake by covering with a layer of whipped cream and toasted slivered almonds. Voila! 

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