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Native lemongrass, Geraldton Wax and lemon myrtle iced tea 

Iced tea is a great little hydrator for the silly season, the native lemongrass in particular has electrolyte and pain relief benefits.

I’ve only got a small garden but these plants don’t take up too much space and I use them in loads of different recipes.

The Geraldton wax leaves are herbaceous and citrusy, (just leave out the flowers) the lemon myrtle leaves have the highest level of citrol acid available and the native lemongrass is super delicate and great with ginger.

This drink makes for a nice change to the usual ice tea combos.


a good handful each of fresh lemon myrtle, Geraldton wax and native lemongrass. (This will work with dried versions of these as well, it just won't be as vibrant.)

- 1 cup sugar or sugar alternative like xylitol 

- water to just cover the leaves and sugar.


Place all the leaves and sugar in a stock pot, cover with water, but not too much as this will make the end product too watery. 

- Bring water to the boil and wait for the sugar to dissolve then immediately turn off and let steep for up to an hour. 

- Strain and let cool before adding soda water or lemonade to the cordial, use as much as you like depending on the strength. 

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