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Peach, Ricotta + Vincotto Tea Cake

Peach, vincotto tea cake.png


4 eggs

250g raw sugar

250g sr flour

250 butter

1 cup ricotta

4 peaches sliced into 8ths, overripe is best



- Line a 20cm spring form cake tin with baking paper, pre-heat oven to 180c.


- Melt butter until soften but not runny.


- Mix flour, eggs, sugar and butter by hand taking care not to overmix (otherwise it will toughen the mixture)


- Spread mixture into the cake tin, then poke the peaches and dollops of ricotta evenly (and generously ) all through the mixture.


- Drizzle some vincotto over the top for extra flavour and moisture (you could also use honey or maple).


- Get it into the oven very quickly so that it gives it the best possible chance to rise! Cook for roughly 40 minutes to an hour, checking every 20 minutes.

No need to ice this cake as the fruit and vinocotta should be enough.

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