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Running your own hospitality business can be an extremely challenging life choice. Throughout my 13 years of co-owning and running Taylor’s Art + Coffee House, I found consulting and business coaching to be a fast, effective way to improve and maximise my business without losing sight of my original ethos.

It is vital to engage with the right consultant; this is paramount to achieving successful business outcomes and it’s important to realise and accept that there are no cookie cutter approaches to small business. There are many considerations to allow for, such as:

- family dynamics, business partnerships

- location difficulties

- staffing issues

- ethos and character of the business

- food costs

- bookkeeping

- weather

- competitors

- sustainable and quality food sources


I believe that the more we understand our businesses and how we want to operate in them, the better equipped we are to choose effective strategies in growing them.

When I opened my café at the age of 20 with my eldest brother, I was completely ignorant and in charge of the books! Thankfully and to my great relief a lifesaver appeared in the form of a diligent book-keeper and I was on the road to a very challenging enlightenment.

At 22 I took over the running of our commercial kitchen; this was due to a shortage of chefs, especially ones who could cook the food we were passionate about. I learned from some very talented and generous chefs who shared their knowledge, experience and wisdom with me. This was the beginning of 11 years hard work and creative energy, which has contributed towards my current role as menu consultant for the Prendiville Group. This involves developing menus, promoting local produce and chef support for the The Mangrove Hotel, The Karratha International and Tradewinds Hotel. I also very much enjoy working on smaller operations, where the focus is broader and more immediate.

My consulting skills include assisting, improving and support in the following areas:

  • business transparency, understanding your business and how to get the best out of it.

  • staffing: hiring, development, job descriptions, disciplinary actions, wage costs, rostering

  • menu development and costing

  • aesthetics

  • efficient and effective kitchen design

  • marketing, social media and food photography

  • systemising processes

  • chef training

  • product suppliers

Let me help you grow your business the way you want it.

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