chcolate brownie.jpg

Fudgy, gluten free chocolate brownies

These fudgy gluten free chocolate brownies are a sure-fire win at any event. You can top them with any fruit that you like (I have papaya and strawberry on these ones) and they freeze really well if you like to make your own treats. Swap the sugar with a Truvia sweetner alternative if you're wanting to cut down on the sugar factor.


Grandma's Lemon Cheesecake

My Grandma's lemon cheesecake is super light and airy, easy to make and best of all cheap! It was one of the first cakes we made at my restaurant back in 2005 and stayed on the menu until we sold in 2020. So it's safe to say it's a winner.


Flamed asparagus, broad bean + goats curd salad with toasted macadamias

It's that time of year again, where we get to indulge in all things fresh and fabulous! These ingredients are the perfect combo, and make for an easy yet impressive side dish for some spring calebrations! 


Okonomiyaki - Japanese savoury pancake

This is a favourite family go-to when we can't be bothered cooking and not in the mood for take out. It can be made vegetarian and gluten free, or splash out and add pork belly and prawns.


Pomegranate, roquette + goats curd salad, green tea dressing

Late Summer and Autumn are such beautiful seasons for outstanding fruits like grapes and figs. For this salad we are

celebrating the gorgeous pomegranatewith all its textural crunch and juicy goodness!


Balsamic, caramelised Onion

These go great with a whole range of of dishes, from pumpkin tarts, toasted panini, burgers, cheeseboards and frittata. It takes a couple of hours but will last for weeks in your fridge. I've used red onion but brown onion is totally fine.


Simple Bread Recipe

We've had a lot more time on our hands these days, so get in the kitchen and treat yourself to some yeasty goodness!


Chocolate Flourless Tart

This chocolate tart is my go to for a stand out dessert; it doesn’t rise, so it’s fool proof (just don’t burn it!) and it’s gluten free! 

chicken sofritto.jpg

Chicken sofritto with melting turmeric potatoes

A comforting yet fresh and zingy chicken winter warming recipe. If you can't get a hold of maryland chicken legs, subsitute with chicken drumsticks, it's so delicious! 


Cheesy cornbread with chipotle butter

This had to be one of THE favourite breakfast/ brunch dishes at Taylor's Art and Coffee House back in the day. It's a fool-proof recipe that can doubled and frozen for later. Add guacamole, bacon and fresh roquette for a delicious dish that everyone will love.


Chicken Saag with warrigal greens

Warrigal greens are a native spinach that act as a ground cover in your garden. They are easy to grow and super nutritious, mine have last year round, but are really coming to life now in Kambarang season! For this classic recipe I've replaced the usual English spinach for warrigal here and it works a treat, Enjoy!

chciken bo la lot.jpg

Mt Barker chicken and sweet potato La Lot

This is a great way to utilise your sweet potato leaves to create a healthy snack that is low in carbs! They're super tasty cold or hot and amazingly easy to make! 

CAZ-36 A.jpg

Sustainable seafood Pasta

Seafood pasta is such a crowd favourite! There a little bit of prep to this dish, but it can be done a little in advance and brought together at the last minute. Making it an excellent dish for a family or friends get together, another plus is underutilised seafood is way more affordable, yay!!


Fermented and Pickled Veg

Great for gut health and to balance a rich dish like these beef short ribs. It'll take a couple of weeks for the fermented vegies, but once they are done they'll keep in your fridge for up to a year!


Yoghurt + garlic flat breads

This is a no-fail recipe that is great to do with young kids and teenagers. Lots of handy work which is a great distraction over the holidays. Note, it can get messy! 


Vegan Broadbean Pesto

Broad beans are a great lively, spring vegetable and they crop in abundance, so once you’ve enjoyed the first few kilos and exhausted your creativity in the kitchen, handed them out to the neighbourhood and friends, what’s to be done with the rest of the harvest?

oxtail image.jpg

Chinese braised ox-tail

If you haven't tried ox-tail before, then this recipe is the perfect introduction, and If you're a food prepper, double the recipe and freeze any leftovers, you'll thank yourself later! 

mousse photo.JPG

Chocolate mousse with orange gel and cardamom crumble

This is a fun dessert that plays with textures and balancing flavours. I don't need much encouragement to add cardamom to anything, but it goes especially well with orange. You will have excess gel left over, but it goes great with roast pork and duck. It will last for up to two weeks in the fridge. 

Caz and Russ.jpg

Eggy bread with mandarin curd 

A delicious go-to for a Saturday brunch. You can make all the elements ahead of time and look like a superstar first thing in the morning! 

Caroline Taylor's Gnudi's with Mt Barker

Ricotta gnocchi with crispy free range chicken

Impress your friends with this quick and easy cheats gnocchi, paired with crispy free-range chicken and blistered cherry tomatoes. This recipe is an absolute winner!


Steamed duck egg custard with soy broth and mushrooms

It's truffle season in WA and I've been given a fantastic recipe by David Coomer from Coomer truffles to celebrate these beauties to maximum effect! If you don't have duck eggs never fear, chicken eggs are just as good to use x


Beef Short Rib 

Beef short ribs are the best treat and perfect on a cold winter's night, grass fed beef is best and you can choose from a great range of WA suppliers  like Dandaragan Organic Beef, Outback Beef, Beermullah Beef and a few other fantastic farmers!


Mushroom & Freekeh Risotto 

The perfect pairing of super foods and comfort, this morish, creamy + rich dish is  a modern take on risotto.

spinach pancakes.jpg

Spinach Pancakes with Lime Butter

Fresh, zesty, and perfect for any time of the day.


Best Ever Brownies

What can I say? They're just the best Ever.


Spanish Eggs

A great breakfast for Saturday morning hangovers or a comforting Sunday brunch winner.


Seasoned Octopus

If you've always wanted to try your hand at cooking with interesting seafood, this simple recipe is for you!


Mediterranean Orange Custard

The Valley comes alive with citrus. This recipe will come in handy when you just don't know what to do with all those oranges!


Mum's Biscotten Torte

This classic celebration cake is my mum's go to for all our family's special occasions.

Eggplant Steamed Buns

These steamed buns are the perfect little project for a wintry afternoon, and a great way to sneak vegies into to the families diet while still having a treat! If you have left over eggplant mix, it goes beautifully with rice and a capsicum salsa.

Short Crust Pastry 

Short Crust Pastry made easy, no muss, no fuss and super tasty!

Gluten Free Seafood Chowder

A delicious nutrients-packed, gluten free one pot wonder prepared with WA sustainable seafood… this dish ticks all the boxes!

Peach, Ricotta and Vincotto Tea Cake

This fool-proof tea cake celebrates seasonal fruits throughout the year and the Vincotto adds a nice savoury note to balance the sweetness