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Grandma's Lemon Cheesecake


• 600ml whipping cream

• 2 lemons zested and juiced (lemons with seeds work best)

• 250g granita biscuits

• 1 can of condensed milk

• 80g melted butter for biscuit base


- Process biscuits until ground completely and add the melted butter to bind.

- Press biscuit base into 20cm springform cake tin.

- Set aside.

- Whip cream until firmish, not over whipped but just before it turns.

- Mix zest, juice and condensed milk thoroughly and set aside for 5 min in the fridge.

- Once it’s a bit thicker in consistency add the lemon mixture to the cream and pour over the biscuit base and set in the fridge for an hour, two max.

- For the jelly, I’ve blitzed 4 overripe plums in a nutribullet until very smooth, then added 1/2 cup orange juice. This made about 350ml of liquid.

- Bloom 2 tablespoons of powered gelatine and then microwave for 20 seconds bursts, whisking with a fork in between bursts, until transparent and runny. Add to the plum/ orange juice and mix thoroughly.

- I never trust gelatine, so I let it set in my fridge until I can see that it's going to do it's job, and set then pour it over the cheesecake.


If  the jelly doesn't look like it's going to set, you can always add more gelatine by repeating the previous process and adding it to the liquid. Always follow the instructions on the packet. 

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