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Gluten Free Fudgy Chocolate Brownies 


375g dark choc buttons                                                            

375g butter

6 eggs

1Tbs vanilla

500g caster sugar

175g LSA

90g almond meal

150g hazelnuts, halved



- Melt butter and choc in microwave for 2 min

- Beat eggs and vanilla and sugar together.

- Mix butter and choc to combine then pour into egg mix and combine, add LSA and almond meal then pour into lined small square baking tin and top with halved hazelnuts.

- Bake at 200c until only a little bit wobbly, but mostly cooked through.

- Don’t tip out upside down or else the top layer will crumble and fall of, so lift out with the baking paper lining.

- Cut into small or large pieces, and dress with strawberries and cream, or chocolate ganache and and a raspberries.

chcolate brownie.jpg
GF Brownie.jpg
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