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Vegan Broadbean Pesto

(nut free)


Broad beans are a great lively, spring vegetable and they crop in abundance, so once you’ve enjoyed the first few kilos and exhausted your creativity in the kitchen, handed them out to the neighbourhood and friends, what’s to be done
with the rest of the harvest?
This pesto recipe is a great way to use up the overflow of a broad bean crop an can be made vegan for your dietary friends, the best thing is it can even be frozen for use later on.

- 500g broad beans in shell, (if using frozen broad beans 250g)
- 1 cup savoury yeast
- 3 cloves peeled local garlic
- juice and zest of 1 lemon
- 200ml Extra virgin olive oil
- 100g washed roquette, the peppery the better
- 1 tspn Salt flakes
- 1 tspn cracked black pepper


Bring a medium/ large pot of salted water to the boil and de-shell your broad
beans while you wait, just the pod at this stage.


To make it easier to double peel the broad beans, blanch them for about aminute or two, once the water is boiling, drain and cool under running wateruntil you can touch them comfortably.


With your fingernail, pinch the bottom of the bean and create a smallpuncture, which you can then easily squeeze out the gorgeous emerald jewelpart of the broad bean.


Place all of the ingredients, including the double peeled broad beans, into afood processor and whizz until smooth but with just a bit of texture still left.


Enjoy on toasted sourdough or with vegetable crudités, or alternatively, freezeit down into smaller containers and bring it out for all of the festive season ‘bringa plate’ parties!

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