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Kid's and teens cooking classes 

Cooking: a great way to connect, have some fun and learn! 

Is your child an aspiring young cook? Would they like to gain the confidence and skills to put together 3 delicious meals?

Why not make your child or teenager's next celebration one to remember with a personalised, hands-on cooking workshop with Chef Caroline Taylor.​

​They get to choose what style they like, what flavours they’d like to experiment with or what ingredients are a no go.

​Perfect Pasta Package:

These classes are a hit with loads of interaction and engagement. We make two different sauces from scratch, a cake and there's even enough pasta made to take home for the freezer.

The menu plus pasta:

  • Bacon and napolitana sauce

  • Pesto, cherry tomato and feta sauce

  • Crumbed chicken (additional option for big eaters)

  • Seasonal fruit and ricotta tea cake with pistachios

Tastes of Asia Package:
For something a little more exotic - Chinese steamed buns and Okonomiyaki are delicious and a great hands on activity. What a sense of accomplishment and excitement they will have in achieving these dishes

The menu:

  • Chinese chicken steamed buns

  • Braised eggplant steamed buns (vego)

  • Okonomiyaki (savoury Japanese pancake)

  • Lemongrass syrup cake

Package Pricing:

$1100 inclusive.

Chef Caroline Taylor’s cooking workshops are fun, educational and most importantly DELICIOUS!

Running over 4 hours (10-2pm) Caroline will supply all ingredients, coach, cook and clean-up with the last hour spent sitting down together to enjoy the fruits of their labour!

Workshop sizes 8-10 participants, held at the Host’s home.

Best suited for ages 6 plus. Parental participation at the workshop is welcome, otherwise sit back and relax whilst the kids take over the kitchen!


Customising a menu to include another cuisine or a focus on exciting and easy salads or desserts is always possible. Check out the recipe page on the website for inspiration.

The cost of a class is $1100 which covers:

  • demonstration, tutelage and recipes for the food made on the day.

  • one on one time with a professional chef for 3-4 hours.

  • lunch and dessert for 8-10 participants, plus left overs.

  • ingredients and shopping time.

  • cleaning. 

To make a booking or get more information, use the contact form below and Caroline will get back to you pronto. In the meantime, why not pick out some of the delicious recipes on the website and start planning to celebrate!


Previous workshop reviews and comments:

Julie Rodwell-Burgers

Thank you Northern Valleys Locavore Store for organising an amazing morning making pasta from scratch! Very inspiring Caroline Taylor


Deb Perich

Such a great party. Thank you Caroline Taylor. Your passion and expertise were appreciated by all, and the kids loved eating their creations, best birthday ever! 


Marcos Prado

Hello Caroline, Nina's dad here. What an amazing work you did. Master class of master pieces. You are in inspiration to those kids. Thank you, Nina had an amazing time.

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